Matt was a Fall 2013 Instructor in the School for Scientific Thought (SST) at UC Santa Barbara, where he designed and taught a 5 week class to 22 high school students titled “Experiencing nano-scale objects in everyday life.” By combining short lectures with demonstrations, group discussions, and experiments, students explored how the molecular world influences daily experiences.



Matt was a 2011-2015 Science and Engineering Fellow in the NSF-sponsored Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) at UC Santa Barbara. As a CNS fellow, Matt participated in research on nanotechnology globalization and taught concepts underlying nanotechnologies to social science and humanities researchers by presenting and participating in seminars, as well as engaging in frequent discussions with CNS trainees and researchers.

Teaching and Mentoring

2014                        Teaching Assistant, UCSB, Colloids & Interfaces I, graduate, 20 students.

2011 – 2013           Developed one hour interactive presentation on the periodic table of elements, presented at a local elementary school for three                                   consecutive years (grade 5 curriculum).

2010                        Teaching Assistant, UCSB, Introductory Materials Science, undergraduate, 40 students.

Mentored and Co-Supervised Students

2019 – Present      Jonathan Flat (undergraduate, Stanford University)

2016 – Present      Patrick McQuade (graduate, Stanford University)

2017 – 2019           Andrew Gonzalez (undergraduate, Stanford University)

2016 – 2018          Ella King (undergraduate, Stanford University)

2014 – 2016          Howard Dobbs (graduate, University of California, Santa Barbara)

2015                        Aideen Griffin (masters, University of California, Santa Barbara)

2013                        Johannes Maurer (masters, University of California, Santa Barbara)