Wenxiao Guo

Wenxiao Guo

Ph.D. in Chemistry @ University of Florida

B.S. in Chemical Technology @ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Post-Doctoral Researcher



Wenxiao grew up in Beijing, China. She carried out her graduate research on the synthesis and
application of plasmonic metal nanocrystals under the supervision of Prof. Wei David Wei at the
University of Florida. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry in the spring of 2021. In the
following summer, Wenxiao joined the Gebbie group as a postdoctoral researcher. Besides
research, she enjoys hiking on easy trails and spotting wildlife.


Despite its long history, electrolysis is still receiving growing research interests in recent years
due to the development of clean electricity sources and the discovery of novel catalysis
materials. Ionic liquid-based electrolytes provide ideal platforms to further understand events
taking place at electrode/electrolyte interfaces, which is necessary to boost the efficiency of
various electrolytic processes. Motivated by this, Wenxiao is interested in studying and
engineering the properties of interfaces between nanostructured metal electrodes and ionic
liquids under electrolytic conditions.